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Thursday, May 23, 2013


you got to be kidding me na man? lol help me yout to get me back on the track me on to the road behind the forest lounge .

lungi march

yo LUNGI march

2nd one

was getting ready for work that morning when I accidentally stepped on something, like a stick. I picked it up and it was a strawberry flavored lip gloss. It was Nicole’s. She had complained that she lost it weeks ago and had gone through her handbag a few times to search for it. She didn’t even look at the floor. And here it was, on the floor just near the bedpost when I stepped on it. I smiled to myself, briefly, at the thought of her saying, “Oh, there it is, and you stepped on it, Jimmy!”. At the thought of her, like how the thoughts of her had made me these few days, I bit my lip. For a few moments I stood silent looking down to the lip gloss in my hand.
Nicole was stationed at the South for two months, and she had been here last to say goodbye. I knew I would miss her, but she told me she would come and visit every two weeks. She left her house key to me, told me to not forget to feed her goldfish. I did as she asked me to, every day since the day she left. It had been three weeks to be exact, and the only visit she gave me was a few days ago; a visit with a news.
I put the lip gloss down to the dressing table, just next to Nicole’s perfume bottle. She had left the perfume bottle there intentionally, said she didn’t like to carry it back and forth from her house to mine. And then I went down to the kitchen to have my breakfast. As I was walking down the stairs, I thought about the milk that had started to taste funny since her visit a few days ago. In the kitchen, everything else had started to taste funny; the bread, the peanut butter, the milk.
“No wonder they tasted funny, Jimmy, you didn’t even check the expiration date, did you?” Nicole would say, and she would laugh and check the expiration date for each food for me, one by one. She would come the next day with breads, jars of peanut butter, a dozen cartons of milk for my kitchen. “There you go!” she would say with such satisfaction on her face. She was always concerned at things like that. Other than that, she was usually quiet. She never complained even if there was something bothering her. She kept things to herself. Things like if I didn’t return her calls or if I forgot her birthdays.


As a survivor of abuse, Terry Davis is determined to make a difference in someone's life the way his best friend, John Johannes, had changed Terry's so many years ago on a school playground. Having seen John's daughter, Abigail, rescue Jake Murphy from Jake's tortured past, Terry is more intent than ever to offer a lifeline of his own to someone in desperate need. But it won't be easy.

Protective of Terry's wounds, John has tried to keep his friend from helping anyone too much, knowing from Terry's former experience as a volunteer hotline crisis counselor that Terry's nightmares would return. Then she arrived in all her painful helplessness-- Madison Crawford with the haunting gray eyes and secretive past, needing to be rescued while claiming to need no one. As Terry tries to help Madison and then becomes involved with her on a more personal level, John's concerns deepen for the dear friend he loves like a brother.